Photographer of roof top in New York City!

Christian Duvernois, a French landscaper has been living in the United States for the past 35 years. True lover of art and history, he decided to specialized himself in layouts of gardens as well as of rooftops ten years ago. Let’s go to New York City’s rooftops.


A « so wild » documentary !

Invited by GardenLab to photograph NYC’s roofs, I had the chance to meet this vegetable artist named Christian Duvernois. Through his testimony, GardenLab tell us about NYC gardens’ vocations : giving sense to the urban life and to fullfil an envronmental job.

In New York, gardens are not and will not be a simple decor anymore, a 3D wallpaper according to Christian Duvernois. The necessity of a garden is clear. These ones will accentuate the real estate prices. It is also a way to be part of a global cause and to be able to invest ourselfs into an activity.

Christian can see this trend though two signs : the rising demand for vegetable gardens, and, in the case of demand to create layouts dedicated to relax, the wish to favor local plants.

A garden on a rooftop in New York City, related to an appartment, show the will to get closer to the nature.


Photograph in New York

It is a chance to work regurlarly with GradenLab, and for me the opportunity to take pictures of New York with a new angle. The vegetable specialist put me into the realization of portraits of two other landscaper artists : Loic Pianfetti and Patrick Blanc well know for their talents.

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