Christian Duvernois, a French landscaper has been living in the United States for the past 35 years. True lover of art and history, he decided to specialized himself in layouts of gardens as well as of rooftops ten years ago. Let’s go to New York City’s rooftops.   A « so wild » documentary ! Invited by […]

Photography exhibition « Les Mureaux Naturellement », city of more than 30 000 inhabitants near Paris in France. I realized these photos specifically for the project  » Les Mureaux Naturellement « . The city hall, interested by the book I show them on Barcelona, call me to brings a new and artistic vision showing other facets of this […]

Cooking delicious recipes concocted by Arpege’s chefs (Elior Group) Hello, Here are some suggestions of recipes to put you in appetite and salivate before Christmas. They are proposed to you by the company Arpege (Elior Group) for which I realized their culinary photos. Invitation in the journey, in the escape and in the pleasure to […]

Week of the French language : Exhibition of photography done by Sylvain Renathe year and to stage the participants. The Ministry of Culture and Communication organizes every year the Week of the French language and the Francophony. The city of Mureaux participates in this event for five years.The Linguistic Pole of the city of Mureaux allows […]

Evocation of the garden Droog in Amsterdam of the Landscape designers Claude Pasquer and Corinne Détroyat at MERCI shop until the end of June. I first had the privilege of working with landscape architect and sculptor Claude Pasquer during the International Garden Festival at Chaumont sur Loire.  It was here that Pasquer’s  « Champicomposteurs » made their sensational debut.  (See some photos […]

Global awareness campaign for the Protecting our Tomorrows: Portraits of meningococcal disease done by Anne Geddes The collective of patients « ensemble contre la méningite » launches a world awareness campaign, for the Protecting our Tomorrows: Portraits of meningococcal disease. The Australian photographer Anne Geddes, world-famous for her babies pictures, collaborated to this project by […]

Food from Finland : Finland country pavilion at the International food trade show (SIAL) in Paris with Kirsikka Lehto-Asikainen (Director at Ministry for Foreign Affairs) and Risto Piipponen ( Ambassador of Finland in France) as well as chef Matti Jämsén Finland took advantage of this international SIAL exhibition in Paris to promote its food specialities. 150 […]