Droog in Paris

Evocation of the garden Droog in Amsterdam of the Landscape designers Claude Pasquer and Corinne Détroyat at MERCI shop until the end of June.

I first had the privilege of working with landscape architect and sculptor Claude Pasquer during the International Garden Festival at Chaumont sur Loire.  It was here that Pasquer’s  « Champicomposteurs » made their sensational debut.  (See some photos of this subject in gallery / section Images Banks).

His work carries with it a new vocabulary for the garden, at once pedagogical, inspirational and artistic, and not without a sense of humor.

Now, in Paris, to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of dutch design collective Droog , MERCI shop welcomes an installation inspired by the renowned garden at Droog’s Amsterdam location, a fabulous environment realized by Claude Pasquer and Corinne Détroyat.   Until the end of June, the MERCI shop is transformed into Hotel Droog, with a unique and short-lived scenography.  Come discover the poetic and magical universe of « Sculpttillonnages, »  a fairy tale world dedicated to Biodiversity, a subject about which its creator is passionate.

The word « Sculptillonnage » is Pasquer’s creation, combining « sculpture » with a word in french that refers to a marsh used for vegetable farming. Pasquer has created a new vocabulary for the garden, at once pedagogical, inspirational and artistic.

These small sculptures go beyond being decorative garden objects.  By their repetition, their number, and their colors, they define, and in many cases create, spaces dedicated to biodiversity.  Birds, for example, find sculptillonnages in the shape of raindrops suspended above the court from the entrance of MERCI shop, each containing woolen pompoms, material  to aid them in the building of their nests.

The installation was conceived by Director and Cofounder of Droog Renny Ramakers.

MERCI is an atypical shop in Paris, between Bastille and Republic, combining on 1500m2 various universes (fashion, decoration and object for the house, a tearoom with library…).

Emergent brands or creators recognized, find what you are looking for there to dress, decorate the inside or simply stroll, find the inspiration and have a lunch break or tea time.

In brief, come to dream, to get fresh ideas and to escape …

….At the heart of Paris!

To know more about it:

MERCI : 111 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris. Metro Saint Sébastian FroissartArt, Gardening and sustainable development: the site of the landscape architect sculptor Claude Pasquer will allow you to discover his fascinating universe, his realizations.

You will also find there the concept Droog Hotel described in detail.